When to Hire a Professional Tax Accountant

Business operations get complicated when you have to coordinate with the various departments in the organization. The bottom line is that each department relies heavily on the finances of your business and that is where a tax accountant in Seattle comes into the picture.

Managing relationships with your clients, paying staff and vendors as well as marketing are all dependent on the quality of your accounting system, and this is where a professional accountant will assist your business a great deal.

Here are some key points to consider:

Tracking Business Assets

Bookkeeping is greatly impacted by asset tracking. There are fixed assets as well as ghost assets. The notion that discarded assets will not feature anywhere in your business is untrue. Actually, they still form part of the insurance liability, and business tax that must be catered for and the right person to ensure that your asset tracking is right on track is a tax consultant in Seattle.

If you want to keep your business afloat in the long run, it is necessary to avoid cash flow problems. In addition, there are other pressing matters to take into consideration like the management of payroll, monthly closing of your books and well documented paperwork.  You can achieve success by contracting a tax accountant in Seattle to stay afloat and grow the business instead of trying to deal with all the above issues yourself.

Confidence in Staff

It has been proven that accounting experts rank among the most valuable assets to any developing business. In fact, they are more valued than staffing services, ICT firms, insurance agents, and lawyers. The latter determine the direction of their jobs once they have a budget they can work with and operate within its parameters.

An accountant provides a stable foundation in the business through which a business leader can innovate, plan, and execute the operations with minimal stress on a daily basis. The business leader already has a full time job. Truly, it is not possible to combine the two jobs and get everything done properly. No wonder, most businesses with qualified tax accountants have a higher rate of growth and success.

Power of Knowledge

Knowing how to run your business is essential to its success. Regarding accounting, your business operation will run smoothly when you decide to hire a tax accountant in Seattle. In the long run, the business will be more efficient and help save your time, energy and resources by avoiding litigation caused by delays in payments to staff, clients and taxes. After all, entrepreneurship is a full time occupation. Specialize on your strengths and contract an accounting expert to deal with your finances.  It results in better decision-making due to accurate planning and execution.

You are guaranteed of peace of mind knowing that there is an expert supervising every financial aspect of the business. Play your role as a business leader and watch the business grow and succeed.

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Seven Advantages of Hiring Accounting Firms in Renton WA

There are several small business owners that outsource to accounting firms Renton WA.

There are many skeptics about this approach to bookkeeping yet many benefits arise from this approach. Here are the real facts:

Lower Accounting Expenses

Incurring expenses on accounting services is a must. However, these expenses are lower when you outsource it than hiring a permanent employee to do your books. It may also take longer, and can divert your attention.

Rethink About Do It Yourself

You can opt to do the bookkeeping yourself via accounting software that is readily available on the market. But, you have to use it properly and there will be a learning curve in doing so. It exposes your books to errors of commission or omission which can be easily avoided by hiring a chartered tax accountant in Renton WA.

Hiring a Local Accountant

Most business owners know that hiring accountants from other states may not be conversant with the local accounting systems or laws. There can be problems with communication and basic skills too. However, you can contract accounting firms Renton WA to process your taxes and billing documents.

Accuracy in Reports

Some believe that without in-house accountants, the element of trust lacks accounting services. The aspect of care may not be taken into consideration. However, today’s accounting firms will want to make you keep them on a retainer for several years. Excellent work ensures that you remain in business. Moreover, accounting principles, concepts and conventions guarantee that there is accuracy in the accounting work being undertaken.

Enhanced Security Measures

Doing your accounting in-house poses risks to your business because as your financial data is saved on a mobile device or computer, the device can be hacked. However, keeping it on the cloud, though initially challenging is a lot safer. Conversely, well entrenched accounting firms take measures to enhance the security of their servers so that shared information remains safe throughout the process. This proves to be safer in the long run.

Minimized Data Access

The tendency to falsify figures reduces with an accounting services firm when compared to an in-house accountant struggling to keep the job. Motivation to receive a bribe reduces with a hired accountant when inconsistencies arise in the cash flow or timekeeping for example. 

No More Delays in Work

Delays may arise when you have an in-house accountant. They may be caused by lack of skills, poor timing or conflict of interest. Lack of specialization in the target area, procrastination or even illness can also be contributing factors. A hired chartered tax accountant in Renton WA is a more motivated individual. Consequently, more often than not, deadlines are met. Your business will not have a disrupted working schedule. In addition, the relaying of information takes seconds at the most due to the introduction of cloud technology.

As such, you are better off hiring an accounting firm if you want to have a more successful business that runs on schedule at a lower cost and with more accuracy in your financial data.

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Growing Your Business with the Aid of a Tax Accountant

 Financial stability whether for business or individuals can be achieved when two things are done effectively. They are: generating maximum revenue and cost reduction. In the case of an individual, revenue can be generated when earnings are increased or when new streams of income are created. While for a company, revenue is generated by an increase in sales of goods or services.

However, regardless of how much income a company generates, its balance sheet would be in the deficit if it cannot reduce cost. A big part of cutting cost is to ensure that the tax accruing to a company is in order. To do this, such a company needs a tax accountant in Seattle. This piece reveals in detail how a tax consultant becomes immediately relevant to building a business.

Filing Tax Returns

This is arguably the most important function of the tax accountant. Tax returns are documents that show the income and cost of running a business. They are filed to the government to show how much profit a company has made in a given year and the amount of tax accruing to such a company within a period of time.

A tax consultant in Seattle prepares the tax return of the company. In doing so, he needs to be abreast with deductibles in the taxing laws (i.e. income and expenses that reduce the tax burden of a company). He also needs to gather documents such as pay stubs, investment income statements and other financial documents that would assist in reducing the tax burden of the company. Reducing the tax burden of a company would require insight and foresight on the part of the accountant.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Tax Regulations

One of the peculiarities of tax regulations, in general, is their technical language as they are written in ways that would confuse a lay man. A tax accountant would, however, have the prerequisite skill to understand the language of tax regulations. A tax accountant in Seattle can help a company relate these regulations to practice. They do this by staying abreast of recent legislation/regulation and helping the company stay in touch with those practices.

This might sometimes involve advising the company in taking steps to obey regulations, preparing the company's balance sheet to reflect the new regulation, advising the company on best practices to avoid certain regulations, etc. A company can quickly get in the bad books of the IRS if it is found wanting in any of this regard.

Business Planning From a Tax Perspective

Companies on a regular basis undertake new venture to bolster sales and increase profitability. However, for every new venture, a business undertakes there is usually a tax implication. A tax accountant quickly helps the business understand the tax ramifications of the new venture. This is important in finding out if the juice is worth the squeeze. Thus, with the help of a tax consultant, can quickly assess if its proposed venture would either be profitable or a potential bomb shell.

In conclusion, a tax accountant in Seattle also performs affiliate functions such as sitting in meetings or helping the company with its balance sheet.

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The Pros and Cons of Choosing an Effective Tax Accountant

When companies or individuals shop for tax consultants they are usually trying to do one of the following things: reduce the amount of money they pay in tax, understand the new tax laws and how it affects their businesses or personal finances, preparation of tax returns and planning for future business enterprise with taxation in mind. In doing this, the company or individual needs to understand the advantages of hiring a chartered tax accountant. Also, attention should be given to the flip side of doing so. The focus of this piece is to explore both sides of the coin and equip companies and individuals with the requisite information before splashing the cash.

The Pros:

Filing of Tax Returns at the Speed of Light

In 2007, a report compiled by the IRS held that it takes the average person 24.2 hours to complete their tax returns. The same report holds that it takes companies 52.2 hours to do same. Thus, it would be time-saving to employ an expert who can do the job in less time and with lesser cost. A chartered tax accountant Renton WA would achieve a commendable result in less time because of his understanding of tax regulation and his experience in handling such document.

Drawing the Line Between Tax Evasion and Avoidance

Companies and individuals are constantly looking for ways to reduce cost. Accounting Firms in Renton WA helps companies reduce the amount of tax that would accrue to them. They do this by looking for loopholes in the taxing statutes that can help individuals and companies reduce their tax liability. There is usually a thin line between reducing tax and avoiding tax. While tax reduction is not illegal, tax avoidance leads to bigger issues. With the help of a tax consultant, a company or individual can effectively draw the line and stay on the right side of the law.

Assisting with IRS audits

Tax consultant has been known to help companies in times of audit by the IRS. They do this by helping you organize documents that would be required for the audit. They can also help in making sure that the individual or company is well represented during the audit. However, only a CPA, Enrolled Agent, or Tax Attorney can help in this regard.

The Cons:

Consultants Don’t Come Cheap

The major disadvantage associated with hiring a consultant is the cost of hiring. The average cost of hiring a consultant to do a simple tax return is $100. This figure rises if the client is itemizing and if you need to complete form 1040 and capital gains and losses. The price can rise above this depending on the complexities of the return and the hourly rate of the tax consultant. Consequently, it can save the company a lot of time and energy to consult a tax expert.

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Top 3 Reasons to Hire an Accounting Service for Your Start-up

Not all entrepreneurs are skilled in accounting and tax filings. Besides, they need to concentrate on marketing, production, customer service etc. Also, you cannot expect bookkeeping software to control your finances and to make plans for keeping your tax payments to minimum. Here are some reasons why hiring an accounting firm in Seattle would benefit your business,

Managing your taxes can be difficult

According to a survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business, tax ranks high as one of the biggest concerns of small business owners. And you are more likely to pay for things that are tax deductible. A Chartered tax accountant in Renton would help you navigate through such responsibilities effortlessly.

They can help you attract investors

Nothing would please the investors more than mathematical figures, growth graphs and financial data. Even if it takes you many years to bring in new investors, an accountant would watch your business from the beginning and offer considerable financial projection so that you can show how well your business has been maintained.

You need them when you grow

If your sales are in rise, it makes more sense to invest your profits in bringing new product line and expanding your business, but not at the cost of leaving your company with no money and relying heavily on bank loans. An accountant would advise you to hold back your expenses when it is necessary.

Thus, hire an accounting service for taking the best financial decisions so that you can ensure the success of your business.

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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Tax Accountant

In order to submit your tax files properly, you need to use all the required documents and forms, and make sure that all the tax regulations are adhered to. It is not surprising that most business owners choose to hire tax accountants in Seattle rather than drawing up financial statements on their own. Here are the major pros and cons of using a tax consultant in Seattle,


  • An accountant would review your current tax filings and help you plan in advance for the future. By this way, you can minimize your tax liabilities for the next year. And over time, he/she would become familiar with your financial situation and would file business taxes more effectively. And you can avoid a big responsibility.
  • You cannot afford to make mistakes while filing your taxes. An accountant would ensure that your statements are accurate so that you don’t end up facing the wrath of Uncle Sam.
  • An accountant would have various clients with expertise in different areas. If you are in sudden need of any service, your accountant can easily direct you to one of their clients. At the same time, they can recommend you to others.


  • They need to be paid. But, an efficient accounting firm can pay for themselves by saving you money on taxes and credits.
  • You could lose control over some things. But in case of a blunder, you will be held responsible.

To avoid these shortcomings, choose your accountant wisely.

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Four Qualities to Look for In a Tax Consultant

Hiring the right tax consultant in Seattle is important to enjoy multiple benefits like increased cost savings, better credit rating and reduced debts. However, to hire the most suitable and trustworthy professional, one must look for the following features.

1. Professional qualifications

Inherent love for numbers, relevant educational qualifications and ample amount of training form the perfect blend for a trustable tax consultant. Also, it is recommended to choose a consultant from a reputed accounting firm rather than to opt for random freelancers.

2. People skills

A tax expert works closely with his or her clients and the clients in turn divulge all confidential business information to the consultant. The best tax accountant in Seattle must make the clients comfortable with his approach and must be able to build a strong rapport for the long term. A warm, friendly tax expert always scores better than a grumpy one!

3. Specialization

If you are a small grocery store seeking professional tax help then a large accounting firm that is dealing with multiple MNCs may not be a suitable pick. The chosen accounting firm must be home to tax consultants who specialize in your industry sector or have dealt with similar clients in the past. This ensures in-depth knowledge of your business model and easier handling of finances.

4. A strong reputation

A good tax consultant becomes quickly popular in business circles and people start recommending his service to other firms quickly. To be 100% assured about the quality of service, always opt for accounting firms with an unshakeable reputation.

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Three Business Challenges That can be Dodged by Hiring the Right Accounting Firm

Most businesses dread tax deadlines and struggle hard to stay on top of all taxing issues throughout the year. Partnering with one of the best accounting firms in Renton, WA is the best solution to deal with all types of tax-related issues.

Read on to find out the top five accounting issues that can be easily taken care by hiring the right accounting firm.

1. Mathematical errors

The IRS reports that dealing with math errors every year is one of their most common issues. The accounting firm is completely aware of this point and is always keen to decrease the likelihood of errors with numbers. Every digit is checked and re-checked and potential math errors are eliminated.

2. Inaccurate information about donations and charities

Every donation made must be accompanied by the right receipts. The chartered tax accountant in Renton, WA keeps track of all donations made through the company and ensures that the donated amount is 100% tax exempted. If the donations are made in the form of materials, then their market value is estimated by the consultant.

3. Unwarranted penalties

Documenting every income source and expense is important for tax filling. Failing to do so can push the company or the individual to pay penalties. The tax consultant ensures that all tall transactions are documented appropriately and the risk of an audit is minimized.

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Five Questions You Must Ask before Hiring a Tax consultant

A qualified tax consultant in Seattle, from an experienced accounting firm helps individuals in dealing with various problems like bankruptcy, bank levies, liens, collection appeals and so on. Before you hire such a tax consultant ask the following questions and be sure about making the best choice.

1. How many years of experience do you have?

A reliable tax consultant must have a minimum of five years of experience in the field and must have worked with multiple clients dealing with a whole range of accounting needs. The broader the experience of the individual, the more reliable he or she is.

2. What license do you hold?

It is highly recommended to work with a qualified CPA in Bellevue, CA (Certified Public Accountant License holder) though it is not a mandatory requirement. A qualified CPA is better trained at handling a wider range of tax issues.

3. Am I fully comfortable in working with you?

While working with an accountant, the chances of making some difficult financial and tax-related decision are high. Clients must be 100% comfortable in communicating with the accountant and trust their services in order to establish a long-term, working relationship.

4. How much do you charge for your services?

Some tax consultants charge their services on an hourly basis while some consultants charge per case. It is important to understand the fee structure of the potential accountant, compare rates and finally draw a wise decision.

5. How accessible are you?

A tax accountant who can be reached for any instant help and lives within the same state or city is a better option than opting for services from a remotely located tax consultant.

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Five Compelling Reasons to Hire a Tax Consultant

Ever wondered if your business needs a CPA? By hiring a professional Bellevue-based tax consultant, businesses as well as individuals save a lot of time and effort. The seasoned accountant offers some great benefits and hiring a tax consultant is often considered as a mandatory business decision for the following reasons.

1)  Dynamic landscape of tax laws

Tax laws change frequently and you need expert tax planning services in Washington to keep track of these changes and ensure that you do not miss out on any important aspects of the changed tax laws.

2) Better credit rating

There is much more than paying bills regularly in order to keep up with a good credit score. The expert accountant is well versed with all the tactics that go into speeding up the process of achieving a high credit score.

3) Multiple earning sources

An individual with multiple sources of income may find it very tiring to sort out the paper work and to report all details in the most streamlined way. Hire an expert and he will get the work accomplished easily and in no time.

4) Better savings

An accountant has all the tools and techniques that can help an individual maximize his savings and look at the future with renewed hope.

5) Lowered debts

From managing current debts to negotiating a good interest rate, (through collection of all relevant documents and papers) a CPA is the best option to lead a debt-free life or to manage all debts efficiently.

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